About Placemat

Placemat is a robust (maybe?) pre-processing language exclusively for HTML tables. The idea is to add functionality not found in standard .md tables. Such as col and row span, and cell classes and ids.

It uses its own format that looks something like this

; This is a table
Customer ID|First Name |Last Name       |email
0001       |Duckworth               ::c2|butler@moneybin.net
0002   ::r2|Scrooge    |McDuck   ::.gold|scrooge@example.com
-       ::X|Scrooge    |McDuck   ::.gold|scrooge@moneybin.net

and renders into something like this.

Customer IDFirst NameLast Nameemail
0001Duckworth butler@moneybin.net
0002 ScroogeMcDuck scrooge@example.com
ScroogeMcDuck scrooge@moneybin.net

It can do other stuff too, like inline comments.